New sensor: GlobalCO2XML 16-03-2019

Keep an eye on the CO2 in our atmosphere, earth's most important metric.

StatisticalPingXML Sensor 09-03-2019

This sensor pings a comma separated list of hosts for statistical reasons.

New in version are two extra channels:
  • Availability the percentage of hosts responding.
  • Average the average ping time of all hosts combined.

EventlogReaderXML Sensor 19-01-2019

This sensor gets the value of an event log entry for the given eventlog source file.

The sensor has had a major update:
  • Improved the handling of eventlogs on remote machines.
  • A more inteligent query builder providing faster results.
  • Two extra parameters to include or exclude Event ID's.

  • New sensor: ADGroupUserCount 12-12-2018

    With this sensor you can monitor the number of users in an Active Directory Group.

    This can be useful to check if the number of licenses for a specific application are still sufficient.

    Dongle Manager 04-06-2018

    Do you want to run a licensed application on a machine without internet access?

    With the DongleManager you can place your PTF License for supported applications on a USB drive, creating a portable license.

    The DongleManager transforms you USB drive into a PTF Dongle that can hold PTF Licenses for multiple applications.

    TLDomainExpiration Sensor 05-04-2018

    The TLDomainExpiration sensor returns the number of days before a domain registration expires.

    New in version is the cashed result, preventing your public IP from being blocked
    when the sensor runs on a to short interval, and an improved execution speed.

    Tweet 23-11-2017

    With this Custom Notification you can send notifications from PRTG to Twitter.
    The max character length has been changed from 140 to 280 now.

    NetAtmo Sensor 08-11-2017

    The WindGauge is now also reporting the GustAngle and GustStrength.

    Blink(1) 04-10-2017

    PTF Blink(1) now supports a maximum of 4 Blink(1) devices.
    Each device can be set to monitor a combination of nodes in your PRTG device tree.

    NetAtmo Sensor 28-07-2017

    NetAtmoXML is Custom Sensor that retrieves the monitoring data from your NetAtmo weather station
    and parses it as a multichannel result to PRTG

    The sensor now also supports NetAtmo's Wind Gauge

    Tweet 16-07-2017

    With this Custom Notification you can send notifications from PRTG to Twitter.
    A new option has been introduced to send direct messages to people that are following you.

    GAnalyticsXML Sensor 13-07-2017

    Removed no longer supported metrics 'timeOnSite' and 'avgTimeOnSite'

    PTF.TrafficLight 21-03-2016

    PTF.TrafficLight now supports up to four Traffic Light devices on one PC, each of them able to report on different (sets of) sensors.

    Continuous Ping 19-10-2015

    PRTG can only PING a device with a minumum interval of 30 sec.
    If you are in need of pinging a device on a shorter interval,
    the Continuously Ping Server/sensor can help you out!

    PTF ChannelLimits  20-08-2015

    PTF ChannelLimits is an application that allows you to get an overview of the channel limits of your sensors.

    Have you ever wondered if you have set and activated the correct thresholds for all your temperature or disk space sensors? Stop wondering; using this tool, you will get an immediate overview!

    The tool can be downloaded here

    DNSDynamic 18-08-2015

    The DNSDynamic sensor keeps your DNSdynamic registered IP in sync with your dynamic public IP.

    The sensor now also supports No-IP (

    FritzOnlineMeterXML 10-08-2015

    New Custom Sensor FritzOnlineMeterXML returns the counters from the "Internet -> Online Monitor -> Online Meter" page of your FRITZ!Box.

    The sensor can alert you when today's, this week's or this month's used traffic counters are reaching a certain value.

    PredictValue 08-04-2015

    New Custom Sensor PredictValue predicts the value of one of your current sensors
    on xx days from now. Based on your sensor values over the last 60 days,
    a calculation is performed presenting you the predicted value on 30 days from now.

    Both the number of days to perform the caculation on and the forcasting days
    can be set using parameters.

    TLDomainExpiration 24-03-2015

    The TLDomainExpiration sensor returns the number of days
    before a .com .net .org .info .us .biz .ca .se domain registration expires.

    Due to a change in the data format from the sensor presented an error.
    This is now fixed in version

    Blink(1) 24-03-2015

    Blink(1) is the world's best indicator light, designed to give you glanceable notice
    of anything on your computer or the internet.

    With the PTF.Blink(1) application, you can now use your Blink(1) device
    in combination with your PRTG Network monitor installation. <more>

    Stockvalue Sensor 18-03-2015

    The Stockvalue Sensor monitors stock values as reported by
    The sensor has been updated to use Yahoo's changed output format
    and now targets the .NET Framework 4.0

    PRTG Tools Family, Join the Family! 10-03-2015

    We created a special section on our site where you can upload your own sensor script.
    or other stuff that you want to share with the community.
    Contributors Wanted..
    Navigate to .
    click the "Contributor Login" button and choose "Become a Contributor".
    After your account has been approved, you can start uploading your scripts. .
    Please note the terms and conditions that apply..
    As the Third Party Downloads section is still in a beta stage, .
    any feedback to is appreciated

    ITSCompare 10-03-2015

    A new sensor has been added to the collection.

    ITSCompare compares the local time of your PRTG Server or remote probe
    with an Internet Time Server and returns the difference in seconds.

    Netatmo 26-01-2015

    All API requests are using https now as
    Netatmo shuts down the http API the 25th of May 2015

    Please update soon!

    Custom Notification APCpdu 24-01-2015

    New Custom Notification APCpdu allows you to control the outlets of your APC PDU.

    Sensor down? Setup a notification to reboot an outlet.
    Need a visual or audiable alarm, connect a alarmlight or sirene to an outlet.

    Free season vouchers 29-11-2014

    During the month of December we are giving away free season vouchers,
    providing you with 20% discount on an application of your choice.

    These vouchers also apply on upgrading or extending your existing license.

    Get your free voucher here

    Introducing two new FRITZ!Box sensors. 26-11-2014

    Are you using your FRITZ!Box as a NAS?
    FritzNasXML shows the usage counters and other info on the USB disk connected to your FRITZ!Box

    Do you want to keep track on what activities are consuming the most power
    on your FRITZ!Box? FritzEnergyXML provides you with a overview!

    DaysUntil 21-11-2014

    With the new version, you can omit the year part of the end date.
    This will always set the end date in the future,
    so you will always know 'how many days there are until Christmas'

    TrayNotifier 20-10-2014

    The TrayNotifier now supports HTTPS/TLS (mandatory as of PRTG 14.4.12)

    DaysUntil 14-10-2014

    New Custom Sensor DaysUntil returns the number of days until Christmas,
    your birthday, your license expires, your project end date, ....

    Netatmo 11-10-2014

    NetAtmoXML is Custom Sensor that retrieves the monitoring data from your
    Netatmo weather station and parses it as a multichannel result to PRTG.

    New in version is the support for Netatmo's additional
    indoor modules and rain gauge.

    StatisticalPingXML 21-09-2014

    Sensor StatisticalPingXML Pings a comma seperated list of hosts for statistical reasons.

    In version Channel Limits are preset to place the channel in a warning state when no reply is received.

    OneDrive Usage Sensor 16-09-2014

    The OneDrive Usage Sensor (SDUsageXML) has been fixed to use Microsoft’s changed authentication endpoints

    RedRat Notification 20-08-2014

    New Custom Notification PTF RedRad can send Infrared Control Signals
    to your Air conditioning, TV set, Radio, … in combination with the RedRat3-II
    USB based infrared remote control input and output device.
    See also our online manual

    Manage your PTF Licenses with the License.exe tool 08-08-2014

    You can use this tool to:
  • Uninstall your license before moving your licensed application to another computer,
  • Cleanup unused trial licenses,
  • Request an extended trial period.

  • Netatmo Sensor 06-06-2014

    An update for the Netatmo sensor has been published today.
    This update addresses the Netatmo API update of 2014-06-04.

    The previous sensor will stop working partly as of July the 15th,
    so make sure to update soon!

    PingSubnet 25-05-2014

    Do you want to know how many devices are switched on in a subnet?
    New Custom Sensor PingSubnet pings an IP subnet and returns the number of devices that are responding.

    Are you using a FileZilla PTF Server? 16-05-2014

    New Custom Sensor FileZillaXML retrieves the users logged in to a FileZilla FTP Server and parses the data as a multichannel result to PRTG.

    UsersLoggedinXML 16-05-2014

    Added spport for RemoteApp sessions.

    The UsersloggedinXML sensor now also takes users into account that are having a RemoteApp session open.

    New Custom Sensor UsersLoggedinXML 27-04-2014

    UsersLoggedinXML is a Custom Sensor that retrieves the users logged in to a specified Windows computer and parses the data as a multichannel result to PRTG.

    Redesigned website 13-04-2014

    Our website has been redesigned, providing you with a better overview of available products and other information.

    IISStatistics 17-03-2014

    The IISStatistics sensor has had a facelift.
    The sensor now shows the actual data instead of a climbing graph.

    Get rid of the trailing numbers in sensor names 16-03-2014

    PTF SensorRename allows you to rename your PRTG sensors in a batch.

    The Renaming Rules allow you to get rid of the trailing numbers in all your sensor names.
    Sensor names like 'PING 2' and 'HTTP 1' will be renamed to 'PING' and 'HTTP' in one batch.

    PTF.TrafficLight 10-03-2014

    New Notification PTF.TrafficLight scans your PRTG Network Monitor installation for
    Down and Warning sensors and lights up the lights on a Cleware Traffic Light accordingly.

    Netatmo Weather Station 05-03-2014

    Do you have a Netatmo Weather Station?
    If you have, you can now monitor it's sensors in PRTG using the NetAtmoXML sensor.

    SQLspXML now supports additional columns 17-02-2014

    PTF SQLspXML is Custom Sensor that parses the multi-channel result of a MS SQL query to PRTG.

    New in version 14.1.2 is the support for additional columns in the SQL result set.

    Any additional column in the result set of the stored procedure will create a node with the same name in the XML result that is parsed to PRTG

    Added .se domains to the TLDomainExpiration sensor 08-02-2014

    The TLDomainExpiration sensor returns the number of days before a top list domain registration expires.

    .se Domains have been added to the list of supported domains,
    making the complete list consisting out of .com .net .org .info .us .biz .ca and .se domains.

    SDBToken request endpoint has changed. 02-02-2014

    The token request endpoint is now a website.
    Customers running Win7 and up could not always use the previous endpoint that was instantiated on the local machine.

    TLDomainExpiration sensor 27-01-2014

    The TLDomainExpiration sensor returns the number of days before a domain registration expires.
    Version is compiled for the .NET Framework 4.0 and also includes a fix for various .org domain names.

    Status2Email 24-01-2014

    Status2Email now also supports down acknowledged sensors.

    New Cloud Sensor 06-01-2014

    The cloud Sensor range, consisting in sensors for DropBox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, has been extended with a sensor for Box.
    The sensor returns the usage counters for your Box account

    RSS Feed 02-01-2014

    You can now follow our latest news in a RSS feed.
    See the RSS link at our news page.

    Apply for a Free Christmas Voucher. 06-12-2013

    During the Christmas period we are giving away free vouchers,
    providing you with 30% discount on an application of your choice.

    Get your personal voucher here

    New Custom Notification PTF.Timeline 28-11-2013

    PTF.Timeline allows you to send notifications to your Facebook timeline.
    Links and images are also supported.

    PTF.Tweet bug fix 24-11-2013

    New version fixes a "Value was either too large or too small for an Int32" error during registration that some users encountered.

    ExternalIP can connect to a FallBack server 12-11-2013

    Custom Sensor ExternalIP gets the ISP-assigned IP address of the Probe and can now connect to a fallback server for determining the current public IP.

    CSVExport, now with dynamic export range 28-10-2013

    The start and end-date parameters can now hold a numeric value, that will subtract a number of minutes from the current date and time.

    This way, you can provide a dynamic start and end date.

    New Custom Sensor ADPerformance 10-10-2013

    New Custom Sensor ADPerformanceXML monitors your Active Directory Performance

    DNSDynamic update 26-09-2013

    Custom Sensor DNSDynamic keeps the IP of your dynamic DNS account in sync with your public IP.

    Version now also supports DynDNS ( and can connect to a fallback server when determining the current public IP

    Customer Portal 24-09-2013

    Existing users can now login to our Customer Portal where they can (un)subscribe to our mailing list and view their registered licenses.

    Subscribing to our mailing list or registering your first license, will automatically create an account at our Customer Portal.

    TLDomainExpiration update 24-09-2013

    The TLDomainExpiration sensor returns the number of days before a domain registration expires.

    The sensor now also supports .CA domain names.

    New functionality for the TrayNotifier 10-09-2013

    New in version 13.3.5 is the option to present new alarms (and warnings) in a "Toaster" form.
    This form will popup once for every new alarm or warning.

    New Custom Sensor VolumeFragXML 29-08-2013

    VolumeFragXML checks the fragmentation status of your Windows Logical Disk and returns info about:

    Defrag Recommended
    Total fragmentation %
    File fragmentation %
    Free space fragmentation %
    Total fragmented files
    Total excess fragments
    Average fragments per file

    Automatically switch Hosting Provider 27-08-2013

    The HTTPFailoverSite Custom Sensor can detect if a failover site is up, but now we are taking it one step further!

    Custom Notification SwitchProvider automatically switches over to the first provider that is up, reducing the downtime of your website to minutes.

    New Custom Sensor HTTPFailoverSite 22-08-2013

    Free hosting providers have at least one disadvantage, there uptime not always being what you want it to be.

    So what is better than using a free hosting provider? Use two free hosting providers!

    Custom Sensor HTTPFailoverSite checks your website at the failover provider, without your DNS records actually pointing there.

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