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NameDescription VersionDate.NETDownloads        Pricing         
ADPerformanceXMLActive Directory Performance  2013-10-09  v4.0 01422DownloadFree
CPServerContinuously pings a (list of) host(s)  2020-11-05  v4 00821DownloadInfo
CryptoValueXMLThe exchange values of your crypto coins  2021-05-16  v4.7.2 00057DownloadFree
DHCPStatisticsXMLWindows DHCP Server monitoring  2018-10-18  v4.5 00518DownloadFree
DNSStatisticsXMLWindows DNS Server monitoring  2018-10-18  v4.5 00384DownloadFree
EventlogReaderXMLGets the value of the most recent entry from the given eventlog source (.evtx) file  2019-01-19  v4.5 00727DownloadFree
FileServicesXMLFile Services Status and Performance monitoring  2018-10-21  v4.5 00237DownloadFree
FilezillaXMLUsers logged on to a FileZilla FTP Server  2014-07-06  v4.0 00294DownloadFree
Fritz!TrafficXMLGets the traffic counters from a Fritz!Box  2021-04-14  v4.7.2 01539DownloadFree
GAnalyticsXMLRetreive various Google Analytics data  2020-12-23  v4.7 00110DownloadFree
GlobalCO2XMLReports Carbon dioxide in the atmospher  2020-12-23  v4.7 00055DownloadFree
IISStatisticsXMLVarious IIS statistics  2014-03-13  v4.0 01401DownloadFree
NetAtmoXMLSensor values from your NetAtmo device  2022-01-20  v4.7.2 01734DownloadFree
ProcessResourceXMLResources used by a process  2019-11-05  v4.5 00787DownloadFree
ScheduledTask2XMLScheduled task info  2020-08-04  v4.7 09948DownloadFree
SensorAverageXMLxx Minute average of every channel for a given sensor  2020-12-23  v4.7 00364DownloadFree
SensorCountXMLCounts sensors per state  2020-12-23  v4.7 00727DownloadFree
SQLspXMLParse the multi channel results of a SQL query to PRTG  2020-12-23  v4.7 01552DownloadFree
StatisticalPingXMLPing a comma seperated list of hosts for statistical reasons  2020-03-05  v4.5 01817DownloadFree
USBButtonReturns the contact states of a Cleware USB-Button In device  2020-02-24  v4.6.1 00033DownloadFree
UsersLoggedinXMLUsers logged in to a Windows Computer  2021-12-26  v4.7 03005DownloadFree
VolumeFragXMLWindows Volume Fragmentation info  2014-04-22  v4.0 00477DownloadFree
Howto: Add a Custom XML Sensor to PRTG
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