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NameDescription VersionDate.NETDownloads        Pricing         
ADAuthenticateTries to auhenticate a user on the AD.  2020-07-14  v4.7 00269DownloadFree
ADGroupUserCountRetuns the number of users in an Active Directory group  2018-12-09  v4.6.1 00550DownloadFree
CheckPTFVersionCompare your local PTF custom sensors with the last available versions  2022-10-04  v4.7.2 00419DownloadFree
CheckTimeSNMPTime difference between snmp device and probe in seconds  2014-09-22  v2.0 00959DownloadFree
CompareTimeCompare the UTC time of the specified computer with the local UTC time  2013-10-25  v2.0 01040DownloadFree
ContactStateState of a dry contact connected to a serial port  2014-04-02  v4.0 00291DownloadFree
CSVExportHistorical sensor data from your PRTG server  2021-07-31  v4.7 08240DownloadFree
DaysUntilNumber of days until the given end date  2014-11-20  v4.0 00664DownloadFree
DNSDynamicKeep the IP of your dynamic DNS account in sync with your public IP  2015-08-17  v4.0 00813DownloadFree
EmailCountCount the number of email messages in the inbox of a given mail account  2018-05-01  v4.6.1 01261DownloadFree
EventlogReaderValue of the most recent event log entry
for the given source. See also the EventlogReaderXML sensor  2013-10-25  v2.0 01271DownloadFree
ExternalIPISP-assigned IP address of the Probe  2023-03-21  v4.7 02786DownloadFree
FTPFileTimeReturns the file age in minutes compared to the probe  2015-05-04  v4.0 00433DownloadFree
HTTPContentHTTP content changes  2013-10-25  v2.0 00662DownloadFree
HTTPFailoverSiteCheck if your failover website is responding  2013-11-07  v4.0 00411DownloadFree
INIFileValueIni-file field value  2014-12-18  v4.0 00534DownloadFree
ITSCompareCompares the probe time with an Internet Time Server  2016-05-08  v4.0 00515DownloadFree
LogfileReaderSearches a log file for a specified string  2014-07-07  v4.0 01386DownloadFree
NetworkFileCountNumber of files on a server\share  2018-01-29  v4.5 01647DownloadFree
PingDelayedUpRemain down for the given number of seconds before returning an Ok state  2015-04-16  v4.0 00435DownloadFree
PingdomStatus from a Pingdom sensor  2015-05-16  v4.0 00520DownloadFree
PingMacAddressPings a MAC address  2014-04-24  v4.0 02561DownloadFree
PingSubnetNumber of devices responding to Ping on a subnet  2014-05-25  v4.0 00818DownloadFree
PingWarningGoes into a warning state if no reply is received  2014-04-02  v4.0 02028DownloadFree
PortStateNumber of seconds a TCP or UDP port is not responding  2013-10-25  v2.0 00681DownloadFree
PredictValueReturns the predicted value of a sensor on the given date  2020-12-23  v4.7 00221DownloadFree
ProcessCountCounts the number of named processes running on a computer  2015-12-15  v4.0 00519DownloadFree
PSx64Executes a Powershell script in 64 bit mode  2018-01-09  v4 07773DownloadFree
ReadFileReads a file into memory and returns the number of bytes/sec  2013-10-25  v2.0 00365DownloadFree
SensorStatusGoes into a warning state if a sensor status has changed  2020-12-23  v4.7 00636DownloadFree
ServiceStatusStatus of a Windows service  2015-05-17  v4.0 01882DownloadFree
SNMPGetGets a OID value and optionally removes characters  2013-10-10  v4.0 01387DownloadFree
TLDomainExpirationNumber of days before a domain registration expires  2022-08-13  v4.7 02486DownloadFree
USBDevicesNumber of USB storage devices connected  2013-10-25  v2.0 00938DownloadFree
UserLoggedinNumber of users loggedin on the specified computer  2021-12-22  v4.7 05108DownloadFree
WinCertExpirationNumber of days before your certificate expires  2016-08-31  v4.0 05326DownloadFree
WinOSVersionOS verson from the specified computer  2014-07-07  v4.0 01474DownloadFree
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