For more information see the readme.txt or manual included in the download, or take a look at our online manuals. DOWNLOADS > NOTIFICATIONS (F) = Free for personal and commercial use, (T) = Trial version see: How Can I Purchase a License, D = Support for portable license RELEASE NOTES
APCpduControl outlets on a APC PDU  2015-01-22 (F) v4.0 00165here
LauncherLaunch an external application  2013-09-24 (T) v4.0 00908here
RedRatSend IR signals from your PRTG server  2014-08-18 (F) v4.0 00040here
RSSFeedReceive your alarms in a RSS feed  2014-12-23 (F) v4.0 00619here
ServiceRestartRestart a service on a (remote) machine  2014-06-19 (F) v4.0 00652here
Status2EmailSend down and warning sensors by emailD  2018-06-03 (T) v4.5 01211here
SwitchProviderSwitch between web hosting providers  2013-10-24 (F) v4.0 00111here
TelegramSend messages to a Telegram client using a Telegram Bot  2016-03-12 (T) v4.0 00747here
TimelineSends a notification to your Facebook timeline  2015-08-22 (T) v4.0 00192here
TweetSend a notification by Twitter  2017-11-22 (T) v4.0 00719here
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Addons for your PRTG Network Monitor Server
Addons for your PRTG Network Monitor Server

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