For more information see the readme.txt or manual included in the download, or take a look at our online manuals. DOWNLOADS > TOOLS (F) = Free for personal and commercial use, (T) = Trial version see: How Can I Purchase a License RELEASE NOTES
AutoTelnetTelnet client able to auto answer  2012-12-04 (F) v2.0 00350here
Blink(1)Alarm and Warning Indication on a Blink(1)  2017-10-03 (F) v4.0 00155here
ChannelLimitsOverview of your PRTG sensor channel limits  2017-05-25 (T) v4.0 00289here
ClockClock gadget  2013-09-24 (T) v4.0 00343here
CPServerContinuously pings a (list of) host(s)  2016-05-17 (T) v4.0 00255here
CSVExportHistorical sensor data from your PRTG server  2017-11-18 (F) v4.0 04923here
CSVImportBuild graphs from CSVExport output files or directly from your PRTG server  2017-03-20 (T) v4.0 00823here
DistributeSensorsDistribute custom sensors to your probes  2015-04-27 (F) v4.0 00353here
LicensesManage your PTF Licenses  2014-08-07 (F) v4.0 00067here
ListQueuesList MSMQ's, Printqueues, Tasks and Eventlogs on a given machine  2014-07-30 (F) v2.0 00354here
NotifierGadgetNetwork Monitor Notifier Gadget  2016-02-14 (T) v4.0 00658here
PassHash ToolGenerates the PassHash from a given password  2014-07-30 (F) v4.0 02446here
PRObjectPauses or resumes an object  2017-09-02 (F) v4.0 00515here
SensorRenameRename your PRTG Sensors  2016-08-22 (T) v4.0 00402here
SyslogListenerListen for syslog events and forward them in various ways  2013-11-05 (F) v4.0 00541here
TickerScrolling ticker with alarms and warnings  2015-05-16 (T) v4.0 00609here
TrafficLightAlarm and Warning Indication on a Cleware Traffic Light  2016-03-18 (F) v4.0 00680here
TranslateNetwork Monitor Language Translation  2014-07-30 (F) v4.0 00236here
TrayNotifierNetwork Monitor TrayNotifier  2016-03-06 (T) v4.0 01164here
XMLRestQBXML/Rest Sensor Query Builder  2017-11-11 (T) v4.0 01339here
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Addons for your PRTG Network Monitor Server
Addons for your PRTG Network Monitor Server

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