PTF NetAtmoXML is Custom Sensor that retrieves the monitoring data from your Netatmo weather station and parses it as a multichannel result to PRTG.


Netatmo Weather Station
Netatmo weather station
Weather and Air Quality monitoring, indoor and outdoor.
Measure CO2 concentration and monitor confinement.

The Netatmo Station measures indoor temperature, CO2 concentration, noise pollution and humidity in the home.
Your Netatmo station also indicates the best moment to ventilate.
Running the sensor with the –r parameter will open your internet browser and guide you through the authentication process. After allowing the sensor access to your Netatmo monitoring data, you will be presented with a webpage that lists your Netatmo devices and the parameters you will need to run the sensor.
Setting the ‘Set placeholders as environment values’ option in the sensors settings tab automatically picks up the sensorID.
Netatmo sensor
See also PRTG's blog post: PRTG & NetAtmo: Environmental Monitoring Made Easy
The Personal Weather Station With Air Quality Sensors
-r Switch to obtain the Netatmo device ID as access token.
-d= The ID of your Netatmo device (obtained using the -r switch)
-t= The Netatmo access token to be used (obtained using the -r switch)
-id= Optional, the PRTG SensorID
This is needed when running more than one instance of the sensor on the same probe.
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Addons for your PRTG Network Monitor
Addons for your PRTG Network Monitor

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